About us

Namaste, our team here at vedic seeds have been on a rather enjoyable journey over the last 10 years, which has led to a lot of interesting collaborations, both foreign and domestic.
In India we have spent about 10 years travelling across our expansive country in search of our original land races, which we have identified and have gathered substantial information on. We have collaborations with local farmers in India that have had these unique land races for centuries, that can be traced all the way back to the vedic times. We have also been collaborating with breeders from all over the world indentifying our favourite and strongest genetics, from the United states of america,canada, jamaica and africa.
Our goal here at vedic seeds is two, to help our Indian community have access to some of the best hyrbrid strains the rest of the world has to offer and we would like to continue and grow our collaboration with communities across the globe.
DISCLIAMER: Germinating and growing of the cannabis plant is illegal in India, please read our T&c for laws regarding to growing of cannabis. Seeds and leaves are legal in India.